Up for Auction: The Playboy ‘Stowaway’ of Apollo 12

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via <a href="http://preview.rrauction.com/101_apollo_12_playboy_playmate_calendar_dede_lind.cfm">RR Auction</a>

When Apollo 12 took off in 1969, the three-man crew had a secret stowaway on board: a Playboy playmate. And now she’s on sale.

A photo of DeDe Lind, taken from Playboy‘s November 1969 issue, was secretly stuck to a locker in the ship using Velcro and a cardboard cue card. While astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean walked on the moon’s surface, third crew member Richard Gordon stumbled upon the image.

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Sneaking the photo on board is now seen as one of the best lunar-mission pranks. But it wasn’t the only racy picture on board. Conrad and Bean walked on the moon with photocopied Playboy photos hidden in their spacesuits.

The photo is part of a special space-themed auction by RR Auctions, and includes a glossy photo signed by Lind and a signed note of authenticity by Gordon.  Other items are less sexy — a headset and flight plan page from other missions are also on sale — but still great space-age finds. (via Discovery News)

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