Jubilant Jews: Study Finds Jewish People are the Happiest Religious Group

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In fact, mazel tov to anyone who identifies as “very religious.” You’re likely more blissful than non-believers.

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that believers of any faith group, even atheism, were more satisfied with life. Leading the charge were Jews, followed by atheists and agnostics. Rounding out the top five were Catholics, Mormons and Muslims. Protestants found themselves at the bottom of the pack.

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The Index surveyed more than 370,000 Americans on their religious beliefs and general zeal for life. More than 43 percent of those surveyed identified themselves as “very religious,” and the denotation had a profound impact on personal happiness.

Our friends over at Healthland note that the social impact of religion is a major mood booster. Even for atheists whose “religion” is rooted in having no religion, the strongest believers were more pleased with life. Having friends and family to discuss life’s big questions with might just be a major relief. (via Huffington Post)