Whisky (8 Shots of It) In A Can: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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The makers of Four Loko wish they thought of this.

The thing about glass bottles – they’re heavy and breakable. What if there was a safe, recyclable way to get your whisky fix? One Panamanian company is now packaging the party in an aluminum can.

Scottish Spirits thinks selling whisky in cans can help them tap into the outdoor beverage market.  “It’s lightweight and portable and entirely recyclable, which is good news. It will be one of the hot picks for any outdoor activities,” said Scottish Spirits CEO Manish Panshal.

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But unlike your normal canned beverages, this is not meant to be enjoyed solo. Scottish Spirits mentions – well, merely suggests – that the drink “is the perfect size to be shared between three people who can mix it with other things like cola.”

But whether you mix it or shoot it straight from the silver can, the math is indisputable. You’ll be downing eight shots of whisky from a container that you can’t close back up. Not to mention it’s alcoholic blasphemy for whisky lovers who prefer to sip their Scotch with an air of purity and tradition to even think of touching an aluminum variation.

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In fact, the Scotsman reports the Scottish Whisky Association is attempting to ban the cans for breaking labeling rules.

Frankly, all of this leaves a bad taste in NewsFeed’s mouth. Is this real whisky or not? We think that’s asking the wrong question. What’s lurking inside this can is pure intoxication — just the sort of packaging that encourages excessive use. (via Daily Mail)