Reading While Eating for January 20: A Million Bucks, American Idol and Al-Queda

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U.S. President Barack Obama (C) and first lady Michelle Obama greet China's President Hu Jintao (R) as he arrives for a State Dinner in his honor at the White House in Washington, January 19, 2011.

REUTERS / Jim Bourg

We dedicate Thursday’s lunch links to the memory of Paul the Octopus and an overgrown beard.

A Million Bucks… For Free: Brooklyn-based comedian Craig Rowin asked for a million dollars on YouTube in November. Now he says a rich guy’s gonna give it to him. (Gawker)

Swinging, No More: U.S. Air Force sergeant David Gutierrez was found guilty of transmitting the HIV virus to unknowing partner at swinger parties. He’ll spend eight years in jail, bringing new meaning to “dishonorable discharge” from the military. (BBC)

Paul the Octopus Lives On: A monument was erected in Germany for World Cup psychic Paul the Octopus at the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen. Gamblers and marine life enthusiasts alike mourn the octopod. (The Daily What)

Militants at Large: More than nine years after Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was killed by Al-Queda, his captors are still committing terror attacks in Pakistan, says a report released Thursday.   (NY Times)

NewsFeed Plays Stylist: Although Kate Middleton has announced Bruce Oldfield will design her wedding dress, we’ve found 10 regal gowns she could have chosen.  Here are our top picks for the royal wedding gown.

A Much Anticipated Reunion: After being kidnapped from a New York City hospital at 9-days-old, Carlina White reunited with her biological parents 23 years later. New parents, beware: the hospital kidnapper is still on the loose. (ABC)

The Right Amount of Leg: American Idol judging newcomer Steven Tyler has not lost his taste for younger women. In the season 10 premiere he told 16-year-old Victoria Huggins mid-audition that she bared just the right amount of leg. But this competition’s about talent. Right, Steven? (NY Daily News)

Catwoman, Then and Now: Anne Hathaway is next in line to play Catwoman on the silver screen. See the line of women preceding her in the feline roll. (LIFE)

50 Years Ago Today: President Kennedy gave his inaugural address in Washington on this date in 1961. Read about JFK, TIME’s 1961 Person of the Year.

Must See: Ever wonder what it would like to with-go facial shaving for a year? This man documented his beard growth each day…then goes for the razor. (via YouTube Trends)