Reading While Eating for January 24: Secret Sisters and Secret Dances

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Jin Songhao, 54, pours a bucket of water onto himself during a cold endurance performance on the frozen Songhua River in Harbin


Calling all lazies! Monday’s lunch links argue the benefits of napping and not doing laundry.

“Whip My Hair,” Part 2: The title of  Willow Smith’s new single, “21st Century Girl,” makes us wonder what the 10-year-old chart-topper knows about being a “girl”. Will this be her next viral victory? (BuzzFeed)

Laundry Free: A University of Alberta college student went 15 months without washing his jeans. After analysis, he found they contained as much bacteria as a pair washed after only 13 wears. All in the name of laziness…we mean science! (ABC)

Steeler’s Secret Weapon: As the Green Bay Packers gear up to play the Pittsburgh Steeler’s in the Super Bowl, the cheeseheads should beware of Pittsburgh’s “victory dance.” (The Daily What)

Terror in Russia: At least 31 died and 100 were injured by a suicide bomber at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, Russia’s largest.  (Reuters)

Sleeping to Remember: A new study shows that the best way to learn new information is to recall it after a nap, forever excusing all students who fall asleep in class. (Discovery News)

Oprah’s Big Secret: Known for facilitating emotional family reunions, Oprah Winfrey announced this morning that she had a long lost half sister, Patricia, who’d been put up for adoption as a child. What do you think it would take for Oprah’s sis to get her own show on OWN? (NewsFeed)

The “Godfather of Fitness” dies at 96: American fitness guru Jack LaLanne died Sunday in California at 96. View photos of LaLanne, who is remembered for redefining the limits of the human body’s potential. (LIFE)

Must See: Usually a mini-golf ball in the water is a lost cause…until now. See the most unlikely putt-putt shot of all time.