Cocaine’s Latest Alias: Bath Salt

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No longer just for enhancing bubble baths, bath salts are now being used to cover synthetic cocaine.

A December US Drug Enforcement Agency drug alert warned parents that teens are snorting coke knock-offs marketed  as “bath salts” and “plant feeders.” The DEA warned that users experience a euphoria and extreme energy, often resulting in agitation and hallucinations.

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Because bath salts do not show up on drug tests, parents must be cautious of the symptoms.

“It’s appealing to kids because it is legal, because you can get it on the Internet,” said toxicologist Dr. Josef Thundiyil, of the Orlando Regional Medical Center. “Whenever it’s new and on the Internet there’s the appearance that it might be safe, when in reality we actually don’t know that it’s safe.”

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In addition to online, police say the drug is available for under $50 at smoke shops, gas stations and convenience stores. (via CBS)