Reading While Eating for January 27: Obama and Puppies Covered in Snow

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Stefania Berton (R) and Ondrej Hotarek of Italy perform during the pairs short program at the European Figure Skating Championships in Bern January 26, 2011.

REUTERS/Michael Buholzer

Get excited, your Thursday lunch links are filled with cute animals!

Music at Sea: A piano mysteriously turned up on a sandbar off the coast of Biscane Bay, Fl. We hope the nearby sea creatures are ready for a scene out of The Little Mermaid. (The Telegraph)

Motorcade in the Snow: Even President Obama’s motorcade got held up by the wintry conditions on DC’s roadways. Now if only Air Force One had a snow-plowing function… (AP)

iPad Takes Flight: For all you Apple junkies, there’s a new must-have on the market: the ICub, a new plane controlled by the iPad. Watch the plane take flight.

Sex Toy Scandal: An Illinois woman was arrested for allegedly trying to strike a cop with a sex toy. Someone should remind her to save those moves for the bedroom. (The Smoking Gun)

Protests in Yemen: Popular riots continue to rile the Arab world, spreading Thursday to Yemen. The trend that began in Tunisia extended to Egypt earlier this week. (New York Times)

Happy Deer is Happy: While Disney may have taught us to interpret Bambi’s facial expressions like humans’, this deer’s apparent smile actually reveals nothing about his emotions. (The Daily What)

A Galaxy Far, Far Away: The Hubble Space Telescope just discovered the universe’s oldest galaxy. The ancient galaxy, although much smaller than our Milky Way, is over 13 billion-years-old.

Cute Dogs in Snow: At least one good thing comes out of all of this snow…pictures of cute dogs on walks! (LIFE)

Must See: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page has been hacked. This guy provides a compelling theory as to why we don’t need to freak out about our internet privacy: (You Tube Trends)