Believe It: Zoe the Cat, PhD.

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REUTERS/Eduard Korniyenko

Would you trust a cat to give you psychotherapy? What if that cat was accredited by the American Psychotherapy Association?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may consider seeing Zoe D. Katze, PhD., C.Ht, DAPA. Despite the setbacks of being born a feline, Zoe has managed to procure several advanced degrees with the help of her owner, Dr. Steve Eichel.

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Fed up with the proliferation of online degrees, Dr. Eichel decided to prove a point by racking up a wall of diplomas for his cat. After some smaller conquests in fields like hypnotherapy, he decided to go for the prestigious American Psychotherapy Association, an organization of which he’d been a member.

In Zoe’s application, Dr. Eichel sited degrees from mail-order colleges and a teaching position at fictional “Tacayllaermi Friends School.” “Tacayllaermi”  is “I’m really a cat” spelled backward.

The American Phychotherapy Association didn’t catch Dr. Eichel’s trick, awarding Zoe with another accreditation for her wall. (via io9)