Worst Skater Ever: Improv Everywhere Hits the Ice, With Ingenious New York Ice Rink Prank

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The pranksters of Improv Everywhere turned schadenfreude into sentimentality with their latest stunt.

As skaters exited the ice at Bryant Park’s rink in New York City, one straggler remained. Clad in a dory red sweater, he appeared to be unable to make it off the ice in time for the Zamboni to clear the surface. And though it’s a pathetic sight, it’s certainly pretty funny to watch him stumble.

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But suddenly, the bumbling skater turns into a total pro. That’s because the skater in question is Kenny Moir, a professional skater with the Ice Theater of New York. As classical music soared, so did Moir’s moves, prompting the glee of the crowd around him. Leave it to Improv Everywhere to add some pep to a chilly winter night. (Improv Everywhere, via Mashable)

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