Super Bowl: 3 New Ads That Will Have People Buzzing (Cue Darth Vader!)

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There are two kinds of Super Bowl viewers: Those who tune in for the game, and those who patiently wait through all the punts and blitzes for the halftime show. And of course the Super Bowl ads. Well, group number two, NewsFeed has you covered: Two dozen Super Bowl ads have gone live, and we’re here with our three favorites.

The best in class thus far must surely be the three-foot tall Darth Vader wannabe, who is unable to successfully use the force on anything besides a Volkswagon.


Then there’s the ad, which answers the age old question: What if monkeys were allowed on the highway:


And check out this GM Chevy / Transformers spot, which not only manages to advertise two things at once, but also offers a spot-on impersonation of a late-night local dealer commercial:


Have a personal favorite? Want to see more? Business Insider has a whole gallery of ads; let the debate begin!

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