Flooding, Cyclones and Now Deadly Birds: Can Australia Catch a Break?

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Near Mourilyan Harbour, Queensland, Australia.

Thousands of humans have been displaced by the rampant flooding in Queensland state – but so have many animals. And some of the homeless creatures can be quite dangerous.

Authorities are warning Australians to watch for cassowaries wandering the streets. Never heard of a cassowary? Well, in short, the animal holds the Guinness record for the most dangerous bird in the world. Enough said.

Cassowaries, according to experts, resemble emus and can weigh more than 140 pounds (63 kg). But it’s not just their weight that can injure or kill – they’re famed for their long talons and sharp, 5-inch claws.

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The regal but deadly birds are highly dangerous yet rarely seen, as there are only 1,000 of them left in the wild. But after the cyclone destroyed their rainforest habitat and wiped out the fruit they feed on, some might be forced to wander to suburbia in search of food.

The government is scheduling food drops for the cassowaries to keep them contained to their habitat. But they’re still warning residents to look out for the hungry creatures. NewsFeed hopes this doesn’t turn into a real-life Angry Birds situation.

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