Christina Aguilera Arrested and Jailed for Public Intoxication

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AP Photo/Dan Steinberg

According to People, the 30-year-old pop singer was arrested and jailed early this morning after her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, was pulled over for driving erratically.

Aguilera was booked on grounds of public intoxication, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told People, saying, “She was not capable to taking care of herself. She was incapacitated.” She was released this morning around 7:30 am after paying $250 in bail.

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Rutler — who met Aguilera on the set of her latest movie, Burlesque, where he was employed as a production assistant — was being held on $30,000 bail for a suspected DUI, and has reportedly just been released, according to TMZ.

While Aguilera won’t be in legal trouble because of her arrest — being held in jail was primarily a safety issue — this latest indiscretion can be added to a list of reasons why 2011 just hasn’t been her year. Find out more over at People.

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