Apple’s iPad 2 Event Has a Surprise Guest: Steve Jobs

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The view of Steve Jobs at the Apple iPad 2 event in San Francisco's Yerba Beuna Center. Image courtesy of Harry McCracken.

Some surprises are taking place at Apple’s special event in San Francisco happening now. So far not only has the iPad 2 been unveiled, but its been unveiled by Steve Jobs himself.

Jobs is undoubtably the face of Apple, not to mention the company’s CEO, yet he announced in mid-January that he was taking a medical leave of absence from the company to focus on his health. Though he left the day-to-day operations of the company to long-time Apple employee Tim Cook, his announcement did spark controversy on how Apple would fare in the wake of his absence.

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Technologizer’s Harry McCracken & Ed Oswald and Techland’s Doug Aamoth are all at the event now, live-blogging for Techland and have reported that Jobs couldn’t imagine missing the event. “We’ve been working on this product for a while and I just didn’t want to miss today,” he told the crowd at Yerba Beuna Center. He’s also expressed his pride for the latest gadget, mentioning that “many have said this is the most successful consumer electronics device ever sold.”

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