Car Trouble: Spider Infestation Leads to Mazda Recall

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Lucas Schifres/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Forget bed bugs on a plane — that was so a few hours ago. The latest buggy infestation is crawling into the Mazda6 Sedan, creating an arachnophobic’s worst nightmare.

Yellow sac spiders have found a new place to weave their webs — inside the evaporative canister vent line in the Mazda6 Sedan, which has forced the automaker to recall approximately 52,000 cars due to safety concerns.

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The spiders’ webs are causing blockages preventing air from getting into the vehicle’s gas tank, which can result in negative air pressure, cracks in the tank’s casing or even fires. It’s a dangerous and creepy situation that has been reported in 20 vehicles so far.

According to Mazda representatives, they are unsure why the spiders have decided to take up residence inside the car, but it does appear that the crawlers have a preference. They’ve been found only in 2009 and 2010 models with 4-cylinder engines. Apparently the V6’s are not as appealing.

Mazda dealers are planning to inspect and repair the fuel systems in the cars, as well as install a spring that will hopefully prevent more spider invasions in the future.  (via CNNMoney)

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