Want to Attend the Royal Wedding? Snag a Counterfeit Invitation

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Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Yes, even while common folk bagged invitations to the royal wedding, blank royal invitations have surfaced on the black market creating security concerns for the extravaganza.

A man, allegedly working for the for the printing firm that created the invitations, approached a reporter for The Mail on Sunday and a Los Angeles memorabilia dealer with the copies, claiming he could supply several more. He demanded the equivalent of $3,200 in exchange for the fake invitation.

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The invitations were exactly identical, save for a few differences: the counterfeit is missing two dotted lines where guest names are written by hand.

Barnard and Westwood, the printing firm, has denied that the man works for them. A company spokesman stated that they will investigate into the matter.

Let’s hope, for the sake of Kate and Will’s big day, there will be no party crashers coming to steal the show.

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