Kiddie Kate: Middleton’s Baby Photos Published on Royal Wedding Site

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Photo courtesy of the Middleton family and Clarence House

A collective “aww” emanated from London this morning, as thousands logged on to the official royal wedding website to coo over the girl who would be queen.

The Middletons, who have been rabidly protective of Kate’s privacy since she began dating Prince William, uploaded the photos to the British Monarchy’s photostream on Flickr. One image shows a three-year old Kate climbing rocks in England’s Lake District, and another captures her as a four-year old giving attitude to the camera. There are pictures of a grown-up Kate, too. In one she celebrates her graduation from Scotland’s St. Andrew’s University by touching her future husband, William, and in another she poses in her graduation gown.

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Officials at Clarence House have also filled in the gaps in her online biography. From the age of two until four, Kate lived in Amman, Jordan with her parents, and attended a local nursery school. By the time she reached high school, she demonstrated a keen interest in tennis, hockey and netball, and was an avid high jumper. During her gap year after high school she studied in Florence, traveled to Chile and participated in a yacht race. Sounds like she was living the royal life long before she met William.

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