Going 21st Century: The Swedes Ditch Stamps In Favor Of Text Messages

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(Getty Images)

Just to prove that the rest of the world is living in the Stone Age, Sweden’s getting rid of stamps and replacing it with none other than text messages.

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They’re saying sayonara to the system: instead, to send a piece of mail, you’ll have to pay by text message. Users will send a text to the postal service, and receive a code. That code gets intelligibly, or unintelligibly, scribbled on a piece of snail mail, and voilà – it’s ready to be sent. It works for all mail weighing in under 4.4 pounds.

Denmark is pushing out a similar system April 1, but Sweden says that the system probably wouldn’t go into effect before the summer.  But don’t worry about the Swedes pulling ahead – NewsFeed’s got a good grip on this thing called “e-mail” as well.

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