Reading While Eating for March 9: Replacing Charlie Sheen and a Slow Loris with a Tiny Umbrella

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A child waits to take part in a samba parade during a carnival in Sesimbra village March 8, 2011.

REUTERS/Rafael Marchante

Enjoy Wednesday’s links glad you never had this hair cut or got stuck with this much money in your underwear.

The Half-Fro: Think you’ve had a wild hair cut? Could it be as wacky as this mugshot. (Daily What)

Belligerent Bride: Know a bride that’s better suited for brawls? Might we suggest this engagement ring brass knuckles? (Refinery 29)

People’s Public Transport: In response to absurd rush-hour traffic, the residents of Northern Virginia have taken to slugging. See how the latest transport craze can make your commute shorter and cheaper. (Miller McCune)

Insert “In Her Pants” Joke Here: A Queens, New York woman was caught smuggling $170,000 into JFK Airport. The woman left Khartoum, Sudan with her underwear full of hundred dollar bills. (NY Daily News)

Is He Replaceable: Since Charlie Sheen got the boot from Two and a Half Men earlier this week, the Internet’s been stewing over who will replace the ousted star. Will it be Rob Lowe? John Stamos? Steve Carell? (People)

Four-Legged Heroes: Need something to brighten up your day? Try one of these cute stories of animals saving the day. (LIFE)

Must See: Bet you never wanted a pet slow loris…until now. Look at this little guy holding a tiny umbrella.