The Next Big Thing in Deposed-Leader Chic: Pinstripes With Your Name

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Do you see what I see? Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak models some sweet dictator swag. Take a closer look at those pinstripes. Image from: GETTY IMAGES / AFP

Mubarak’s got some serious megalomaniac style.

Setting an example for all those fashion savvy dictators out there, the recently deposed Egyptian president sports a pinstripe suit with a twist – not lines but little letters spelling out his name over and over again.

Of course Mubarak isn’t the only dictator with a distinctive sartorial style. North African neighbor Muammar Gaddafi gives him a run for his money, as does N. Korea’s dear leader Kim Jong Il. Check out this who’s who of dictator style, courtesy of Foreign Policy Magazine.

For those looking to copy Mubarak’s style, cloth manufacturer Tom James Co. claim to be the creator, though they told CNN they have no official record of Mubarak’s order.

The bespoke pinstripes will set you back over US$15,000 for a regular suit or $25,000 for fine cashmere. (Via CNN)