Among Independents, Sheen Would Beat Palin in Presidential Race

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Getty Images / Reuters

Is Tiger Blood a presidential quality? Evidently, the answer falls along party lines.

In a recent Public Policy poll, two thirds of Americans were found to have a negative opinion of our favorite unemployed winner, Charlie Sheen. Yet in a hypothetical (and highly humorous) presidential race, Independents and Democrats favored the embattled actor over Sarah Palin, 41% to 36% and 44% to 24%, respectively.

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Conversely (yet somewhat unsurprisingly), Republicans would rather see Sheen and his goddesses turn the White House into Sober Valley Lodge than give Obama a second term in office, by a slim margin of 37-28. Now that’s saying something.

But before all you Sheen fiends get too excited and start imagining his political slogan — The Violent Torpedo of Truth, anyone? — we need to put this poll into context: Overall, Palin would defeat Sheen by a margin of 49-29, just a smidgen less than President Barack Obama would fare in the same political showdown. The current Commander-in-Chief would defeat the warlock (and his fire-breathing fists) 57-24. We certainly hope that this poll doesn’t incite a campaign of “Charlie Sheen for President.”

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