An Epic Event, Scaled Down: Legoland Constructs Miniature Royal Wedding

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A Lego model depicting an imaginary scene from the forthcoming Royal Wedding on March 30, 2011 in Windsor, England.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton surely had a tough decision in picking their wedding venue.

NewsFeed bets they were torn between holding their wedding reception at Buckingham Palace (pros: grand history, unparalleled elegance, impeccable service) and Legoland (pros: Legos!). Thanks to the good people of Windsor’s Legoland (the human ones) they can have both.

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A Lego display of the royal wedding, which is a month away in the real world, opens to the public starting tomorrow. At a model of Buckingham Palace in Miniland, members of the royal family, curious onlookers and photographers are among those marking the celebration. The lack of facial features on all the figures is creepy, but given the scene, there’s no mistaking who the bride and groom are. Guests include Elton John (big white hat), Paul McCartney (Sgt. Pepper getup), and Victoria Beckham (pregnant).

Oh, to be a Lego model maker! It’s got to be up there with being a Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru. Granted, the work might get a little tedious. Model maker Paula Laughton tells The Telegraph that individual models take an hour or two to create.

Whether or not you’re enthusiastic about the royal wedding, you might be intrigued by the display. Let’s just hope Lego model receptions — potentially marketed as allowing the couple to orchestrate, brick by plastic brick, every moment of their special day — don’t become a wedding trend. (via the Daily Mail)

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