Latest Fad in China: Keychains Containing Live Turtles and Fish

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Maybe China should go back to cute, plastic keyrings, like this one.

Claude Estèbe / Getty Images

Live turtles and fish to carry around on your key ring is a cute idea. Not so cute, though, for said turtles and fish.

According to Chinese media, the hottest new fad in China involves selling small live-animal key chains. The little turtles and fishes are sealed up in airtight plastic key rings, and sold as trinkets.

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So how do you feed an animal in an airtight container? The answer: You don’t. Vendors reportedly spew off some hodge podge about the water being nutrient rich, but it’s not true. The animals, if they’re lucky, get to live for a few days. Unfortunately, the whole shebang is legal.

It’s sad but true — animal cruelty laws barely exist in China. It was only just recently that the country banned animal circuses, which was a fairly unusual step. Zoos would often make animals perform unimaginable tricks, while dishing up their flesh as exotic entrees at the zoo restaurant.

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