Regretting Last Night’s Antics? New App Lets You Forget They Ever Happened

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Drunken Facebook posts, questionable pictures and random tweets – NewsFeed bids you adieu.

The Last Night Never Happened app deletes any social-media evidence of a drunken night on the town. Of course, as handy as the app could be, it can’t do anything about people who remember the ridiculous things you got up to, and tough luck if someone’s already taken a screenshot or re-posted what you’ve said. (At that point you might just want to think about switching friends and beefing up your privacy settings.) But if you’re looking to do some damage control on your end, Last Night Never Happened might be the app for you.

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Here’s how it works: Use the app to log into your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and the like), choose the number of hours back from which to delete posts. And voila! The app will show you just how many stupid things you posted during that time, and get rid of the pesky little trolls.

But buyer beware: “Should you choose to use Last Night Never Happened to delete your Facebook or Twitter posts, we will not be able to help you retrieve them. When we say ‘Last Night Never Happened’, we mean it,” say creators.

All this for just 99 cents (or $4.99, depending on where you are based and when you buy it.)

Now if only NewsFeed could do this with old boyfriends. Is there an app for that?

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