Unsurprisingly, New Zealand Health Experts Say ‘Breakfast Beer’ Is a Bad Idea

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Getty images/James Ross

Good idea: cherry-flavored, wheat lager. Bad idea: marketing said lager as a “breakfast beer.”

Hey, NewsFeed doesn’t care what time of the day you choose to consume your alcohol, but don’t expect health officials to stay quiet if you imbibe in the am. Which is why some are criticizing a New Zealand brewery, called Moa, for touting their newest lager as a beverage to drink instead of champagne during a “champagne breakfast.”

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The problem, according to health watch advisors, isn’t so much the drinking part, but specifically the early morning drinking that the branding is encouraging–which they describe as pathological behavior.

Christine Rogan, an Alcohol Healthwatch advisor feels that the company is acting irresponsibly. “Here we have fools seeking to profit from encouraging the behaviour,” she says. “This sort of nonsense is not a reflection of New Zealand’s poor attitude to alcohol, it is an example of what is driving it.”

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Moa co-owner Geoff Ross said that his company isn’t recommending problem behavior, rather pointing out that if it’s part of the culture, alcohol can be consumed safely at all times of the day.

There’s no word if he said this between beer bong hits, but obviously that’s what we’re assuming.  (via New Zealand Herald)