Want to Play Sherlock Holmes? Good. The FBI Needs Help

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One of the sheets of paper with a coded message found in Ricky McCormick's pocket when his body was found in a Missouri cornfield in the summer of 1999


This case would even stump John Walsh.

For over a decade now, the FBI hasn’t been able to crack a code found on a murdered man – which may be the key to finding out what really happened to him.

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Ricky McCormick adored codes, experimenting with ciphers his whole life. In the summer of 1999, his body was found dumped in a Missouri cornfield, with two sheets of random code in his pants. But still, to this day, police officials are unable to figure out the high-school dropout’s cryptic messages.

McCormick was not seen for five days before his body was found. The FBI has set up a website where the general public can assist with any detective-sleuthing they feel like doing. Does the line “ALPONTE GLSE – SE ERTE” ring a bell to anyone out there?

Authorities have also not been able to decipher the Zodiac killer’s code, a California serial killer who ran rampant several decades ago.

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