Czech Who’s Watching: President Vaclav Klaus Pockets a Pen, World Catches Him

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During a state visit to Chile, Czech President Vaclav Klaus discreetly pocketed a ceremonial pen encrusted with semiprecious Chilean lapis lazuili stones.

Unfortunately for Klaus his sneaky move was caught on camera and subsequently circulated around the Internet and Czech TV Stations, leaving viewers everywhere to assume that he was carrying out a clever plot to swipe the pen without anyone noticing.

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Kraus allegedly isn’t as calculating as this video makes him appear. The AP reports that immediately after the incident he defended himself, saying that it is common procedure for leaders to keep the pens used to sign agreements. Chilean President Sebastián Piñera confirmed this story, saying that Kraus was more than welcome to keep the pen. But if it was rightfully his, why did he take it in such a suspicious fashion?

Some supporters have rallied behind Klaus after the pilfering and want to ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. The AP reports that more than 5,000 people have joined a Facebook campaign vowing to send him thousands of writing utensils on May 2, because he “obviously has nothing to write with.”

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