Gluttony, Not Just For Americans: Burger King Launches ‘Meat Monster’ in Japan

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Courtesy Burger King

Japanese Burger Kings are about to “double down” a new burger that wants to make veganism passé.

The burger consists of two hamburgers, a chicken breast, two slices of cheese and three slices of bacon – with just a few veggies, of course, to balance it out. It also comes with lettuce, tomatoes and onion.

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Want some personalization? To make it worse, customers can douse the thing down in teriyaki sauce, add an egg, or give it extra-human strength with a fish patty.

To match, this monster will pummel your stomach with a whopping 1,160 calories without all the fixings. A normal Whopper, in comparison, has only about half the calories. We won’t even talk about the Pizza Burger, which dwarfs the beast at 2,520 calories.

The Meat Monster might be a Japan-only creation, like McDonald’s Ebi Filet-O. And if you’re wondering what that is, imagine a fish filet, but stuffed with shrimp.

Thankfully out of reach, we’ll be safer from further increasing the rate of heart attacks in the States. You don’t need to super-size the fries and drink with this doozy of a burger.

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