Cuteness Alert: New Litter of Shiba Inu Puppies Hits the Web

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Kika feeds her six puppies on Monday, April 18

Need a cure for the Tuesday blues? How about something to distract you from doing any actual work? We have just the thing: Puppy cam.

NewsFeed has always been a sucker for adorable animals, especially ones of the baby variety. So when we heard that the Shiba Inu puppy cam was back, we couldn’t help but share it. Apologize to your boss for us.

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This is the third litter of Shiba Inu puppies from mama Kika to be broadcast live on the web. The first set of six pups made their debut in October 2008, and immediately became an Internet phenomenon (like there was any doubt on the matter. Seriously, just look at that cuteness!). The second litter of five was just as popular when it arrived in January 2010.

And now the online world has been graced by this new litter, lovingly dubbed “The C-Team”, which boasts six puppies (three boys and three girls), all with names starting with the letter C: Chozen, aka “Zen”; Chame; Chisaki, aka “Saki”; Charlotte; Chiyoko, aka “Yo-Yo”; and Chikara.

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While daily viewers can expect plenty of sleeping from the little friends, as well as constant attention from the beautiful Kika, in the first few weeks, there is plenty of playtime, chew toys and antics ahead. So do yourself a favor and bookmark this page so you can check up on the pups whenever you want to escape whatever mundane task you’re working on.

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