Unusual Baby Names Aren’t Just for Celebs: Israeli Couple Name Their Baby ‘Like’

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Whatever happened to naming your kid Anne or John?

Lior and Vardit Adler might have taken a cue from the Egyptian man, Jamal Ibrahim, who named his daughter “Facebook” in honor of the role social media played in the recent revolution; the Israeli couple have just named their baby girl “Like”.

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The couple are reportedly fond of unusual baby monikers, having given their other daughters different (and decidedly sweeter)names–Dvash (which is “Honey” in Hebrew) and Pie.

While “Like” isn’t necessarily as connected to the social network as “Facebook” is (obviously!), the verb is almost certain to conjure of associations with showing approval online.

And while we aren’t sure if we’re ready to officially “like” this (har, har), we think it’s definitely better than naming your child Retweet. (via Social Times)

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