Shopaholic Shift: Study Shows Men Spend More than Women

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Fellas, don’t even try to complain the next time your girlfriends drag you to the mall. We now know that you secretly like to tag along.

According to research from British firm Npower, modern men spend more money on impulse buys than women do. Well, at least they do in Britain.

A poll of 2,000 Brits found that men spend approximately £25 (over $40) per week on impulse buys, while women spend only £19 (over $30). Additionally, the research determined that more than £70,000 (approximately $114,300) will be frivolously spent over an adult’s lifespan, all in an effort to satisfy the insatiable urge to shop.

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That’s a whole lot of cash being blown on unnecessary items like clothes, magazines, booze, books and DVDs — all of which were determined to be in the top 10 impulse buys — especially during an economic downturn.

But men can feel better about one thing: While they end up spending more, it’s a safe bet that they aren’t shopping more than women. That’s because women are much more likely to search incessantly for the best deals, while men are happy to pay more just to be done with the task of shopping. In fact, six out of 10 female respondents in the Npower study admitted that they are likely to give into the temptation to buy if there’s a sale. For men, it’s only four out of 10.

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No word on how American men compare to their British counterparts in terms of shopping, but we do know that men in the U.S. are much less dapper or concerned with their appearance, so we can’t imagine they’d be likely to splurge in the same way. Well, unless its on beer and video games. (via The Daily Mail)