For the Gentleman Who Spares No Expense: A $56 Box of Condoms

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Naked Condoms

For the sophisticated bachelor whose tastes are très chic and equally expensive:

Suit by Ralph Lauren: $1200;

Movado Stainless Steel Watch: $695;

Crockett and Jones Oxford Shoe: $570;

1 box of Naked brand condoms: $56

Apparently, there’s a market for the man who can not only afford jewels, but can pamper (and protect) the family jewels with the Naked condoms 12-pack. They sell for about what his date’s dinner would cost at a fancy bistro.

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Ironically, a 36-count box of Trojans runs about $25 at Walgreens (and you can even get the ultra-thin variety, too), but perhaps, if you’re used to that Brooks Brothers $175 French cuff, English collar shirt, then half a C-note isn’t too much to pay for a condom.

But according to The New York Post, a thinner, softer latex than its competitors’ “thin” brands; a sleeker hypallergenic lubricant; and a wrapper that took the company three years to develop are all behind the more pricey prophylactic. Still the opinions of the ladies still count. After all, increasing our swag factor is why we buy expensive clothes and accessories in the first place.

Asked by the Post why a guy should spend that much on a condom when less expensive brands do the same trick, Naked CEO Jud Ireland doesn’t even respond, but yields to his sister Marie for the answer: “Because I’d rather have sex with someone who has a Naked condom on than a Trojan,” she said. “The guy looks better, I think.”

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