Polish Contortionists Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Items from Luggage

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Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

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An admittedly unique robbery attempt took place last week in Spain, in which Polish contortionists Krzysztof Grzegorz and Jouoastaw K found themselves (both literally and figuratively) in a tight spot.

Here was the plan:  The two men would board a bus from Girona Airport to Barcelona. One as a passenger, the other zipped in a small piece of luggage. Using a headlamp, the zipped-up thief would then sift through the checked luggage of the other passengers in search of valuables.  Once the valuables were extracted from the tourist’s bags (AOL reports laptops were among the items stolen), the thief would wriggle back into his own suitcase to be retrieved by his partner in crime once the bus arrived in Barcelona.

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For weeks, local detectives were unsure as to how so many items were being reported stolen from this particular bus route through northeast Spain.  That is until one bus employee, noticing a gentleman struggling with what appeared to be an uncommonly heavy suitcase, checked the bag.  What the employee found was a visibly sweating man clutching a laptop and a GPS device. The two were arrested this past Friday, and Spanish police are continuing investigations.