Reading While Eating For June 20: The Famous, The Funny, and Duckies

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Kim Kyung Hoon / Reuters

Visitors view creations by Japanese hat designer Akio Hirata at an exhibition in Tokyo

Today’s links feature some funny people, some famous people, and some ducks who strut like famous people.

He’s Baaack! Keith Olbermann’s new Current TV show debuts tonight at 8:00 pm, with guests Michael Moore and The Daily Kos‘s Markos Moulitsas. (Huffington Post)

The Miss Creationist Pageant? Only two of the 51 Miss USA contestants support teaching evolution. (USA Today)

More Beauty Queens:  Check out this photo gallery of the 12 hottest Miss Americas–but don’t confuse them with the Miss USA winners! (LIFE)

Fake News: As it publishes issue #1,000, The Onion argues (ironically of course) that it’s about time the Pulitzer Prizes honored satire in a mock media watchdog video. (Salon)

Viral Video of the Day: Two men stuck in a Dallas airport overnight make some mischief. (TIME)

Make Way For Ducklings: This scene in Belgium is straight out of a children’s book. (The Daily What)