Meet Dusty, The California Cat Burglar Who’s Actually a Cat

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No one deserves the name “cat burglar” better than Dusty. He is not only a stealthy thief, but an actual cat.

Dusty, a six-year-old house cat from San Mateo, Calif., has stolen hundreds of household goods and personal items around town. Though their stuff goes missing once in a while, neighbors can’t help but adore this klepto kitty with a wacky hobby.

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Who wouldn’t? Just watch Dusty in action. In the video, Animal Planet sets up a surveillance camera to film his nightly pilfering expeditions. He delivers the prized booty one by one with due diligence. First, he steals a blanket, then a pair of swimming goggles, a sponge, a glove and a brassiere. According to the theft victims next door, he takes extra care to correctly match paired items, such as shoes or bikinis, even if it means revisiting the scene. Unlike his feline counterparts, Dusty has a soft spot, not for fish, but for swimsuits drying on clothesline. He took six bathing suits from one neighbor’s home.

Thanks to his skills and dedication, the cat and his owner have become minor celebrities. They appeared on Animal Planet, chatted with David Letterman and had numerous other media coverage.

Want to meet the country’s cutest thief? Dusty will make appearance at the Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo, Calif. on June 25. You may pose and take pictures all you want with the furry celeb. Just make sure to hold on to your belongings! (via San Francisco Chronicle)

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