In-N-Out v. McDonald’s: Which Burger Chain Has Been Deemed Superior?

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This might be the most important question ever considered.

Though this answer shouldn’t surprise you, In-N-Out came out on top when a survey of 36,000 Americans, conducted by Consumer Reports, asked which burger chain was the best in show. (NewsFeed approves.) The two next popular burger chains on the list were Five Guys and Burgerville–also good choices.

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What might be a little more surprising is that McDonald’s came in dead last. Sure, there are myriad articles and health updates that warn against eating McDonald’s food, but aren’t those Golden Arches the stuff that American dreams are made of? Then again, NewsFeed has yet to meet a burger we didn’t like, so take our point of view with a grain of salt. Hmmm, salt. (via Consumerist)