Reading While Eating For July 5: World Records and World-Renowned Hot Dogs

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Luke MacGregor / Reuters

A model poses for a photograph in the World Vision Garden on press day at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show at Kingston-upon-Thames in south west London, July 4, 2011.

Today’s links feature feats of fashion, eating, jump-flipping, and treasure hunting.

Sausage Secrets: Did you know that 20 billion hot dogs are consumed in America annually?  (The Daily) Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest must be largely responsible for that statistic; this weekend, Joey Chestnut from San Jose, California, devoured 62 hot dogs to win the competition—for the fifth time. (TIME)

Treasure Hunt: A court-ordered search discovered approximately $22 billion-worth of gold, jewels, and statues under a temple in southern India. (New York Times)

Flip, Flip, Hurray! Cross “breaking the Guinness word record for ‘longest forward jump flip’” off of your bucket list; a Florida man already accomplished that feat, boasting a 19-foot flip. (Pat’s Papers)

Crazy Clothes: See some outrageous outfits from the 2012 men’s fashion shows in Paris. (LIFE)

Reality Check: Ever wonder why people go on reality TV shows? (FourFour)

Back to the Grind: As tempting as it is to take an extra day to sleep-off your BBQ-induced food coma—like this snoring seal—it’s time to get back to work. (The Daily What)