Royal Rivalry: Prince William Trounces Kate in Canadian Dragon Boat Race

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Chris Jackson/Getty Images

It’s been at least five minutes since you’ve heard what Prince William and Kate Middleton are up to in Canada. Time for an update!

Yesterday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went head to head in a Dragon Boat race (think very unleisurely canoeing) on Prince Edward Island. But did the Duke ensure that his lady and her Sisterhood boat crew won? No, instead he powered his team of burly men to victory, telling Kate, “There’s no chivalry in sport” as he hoisted his champagne prize.

Kate, for her part, didn’t seem to expect any patronizing gallantry. “I think I am going to take a ducking,” she told reporters before taking to her boat in navy trousers and an overcoat (her latest sartorial triumph). Both royals were merely meant to be steering, but decided to join in the frantic paddling at the last moment. “We are both very competitive. She beats me at tennis and skiing but I am better at the rest,” said William. Kate then “jokingly” tried to push her husband in the water.

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The same day in Dalvay-by-the-Sea, William showed off his rescue helicopter piloting by taking part in a “waterbirding” exercise, which involves dunking a helicopter in water and then restarting its blades before it sinks to the bottom. Kate stood on the lakeside taking pictures.

What is up next for the sixth day of the royal tour? On Monday night the couple traveled to the Northwest Territories, where First Nation residents of the town Yellowknife will sing, dance and drum for their pleasure on Tuesday morning. (This is the land of Treaty 8, an agreement signed in 1899 by several First Nations and Queen Victoria that granted food aid and other benefits in exchange for the surrender of some native lands.)

The oh-so-down-to-earth royals will also play some street hockey and take a bush plane out into the wilds. There, Will and Kate will observe the reservist Canadian Rangers doing important things in the forest.

The couple will take a day off on Wednesday before heading on to the Calgary Stampede on Friday. Stay tuned for the latest shocking royal pleasantries and A-line dresses.

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