Food, Meet (Murdoch’s) Face: A Brief History of Protest Pies

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Don’t worry, Rupert “Humble” Murdoch. You’re not the only notable to have been confronted with a pastry full of righteous rage.

The Australian businessman’s July 19 testimony before a British parliamentary committee was interrupted when a comedian nicknamed Jonnie Marbles threw a pie made of shaving foam at his face. And he joins a lengthy list of celebrities, dignitaries and other famous folks who’ve been confronted with cream.

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Singer and anti-gay activist Anita Bryant was pied in 1977. “At least it’s fruit pie,” she quipped.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates faced a pie attack while visiting Belgium in 1998.

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter was hit in the shoulder while giving a speech at the University of Arizona in 2004.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman took two pies to the face during his speech at Brown University in 2008.

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