Anders Breivik Re-enacts Norway Island Killing for Police

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Breivik shows police officers how he held his gun as he points toward the river where children tried to swim away from him to escape.

Anders Behring Breivik, the man who took responsibility for the July 22 attacks in Oslo, has told the police everything they needed to know. And he even embarked on a field trip to make the point.

On Saturday, Norwegian authorities brought Breivik back to the island of Utoya, the site of a political youth camp where he shot 69 people, mostly teenagers. The BBC released a video showing Breivik leading 10 to 12 police officers as he methodically retraced the route he took, where he stood and how he held his gun. The trip was planned to gather evidence ahead of his trial to avoid reconstructing the incident then.

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Breivik, wearing a bulletproof vest (to prevent being shot by those wishing for revenge), spent eight hours tethered to police officers with a leash to prevent his escape.

He was apparently cooperative and did not seem to be overly affected by the return to the crime scene, prosecutor Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby told reporters in Oslo.

Breivik claims that his attacks, including a bombing in downtown Oslo, were a necessary action to prevent the spread of Islamic influence in Europe.

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