The Spirit of Rock: You Can Now Buy a KISS-Themed Cremation Urn

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Eternal Image, Inc.

"I'll fight hell to hold you" ... in this urn.

Can you imagine your grieving relatives carrying this thing?

The band KISS is rocking the funeral industry with a new release that has nothing to do with music, but everything to do with remaining a “fan for life.” This cremation urn is now available for die-hard fans to store their ashes in, which means your surviving family members, most likely younger relatives who have no idea who these guys are, will be forced to place it on their fireplace mantel for decades to come.

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Manufactured by Eternal Image, the officially licensed KISS urn is the latest piece of branded merchandise by the band known largely for its face-painted antics and vocalist Gene Simmons’s perpetually wagging tongue. Almost 40 years ago, Simmons (“The Demon”) and Paul Stanley (“The Starchild”) co-founded KISS, the blood-spitting, fire-breathing band that has sold more than 100 million albums since its 1970s hell-raising heyday.

Eternal Image’s Donna Shatter says the “Monument model” urn offers fans a unique way to express their passion for the legendary rock stars. The eight inch tall urn, which features a black metallic finish and an image of the band standing over the group’s iconic logo and a row of flames, will sell for $650.

Three different KISS-themed urns will launch later this year. And if cremation isn’t your thing, don’t fret. KISS-themed coffins are also available.

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