‘Miguel Bloombito’ Mocks New York Mayor’s Attempts at Spanish During Irene

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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announces the new date for the Concert 4 NYC, which was to be held at Central Park, but was cancelled due to inclement weather.

In its wake, Hurricane Irene, well, left behind a lot of water, and most importantly, Señor Miguel Bloombito.

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Props to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for trying to speak Spanish.  Back in 2009, in an attempt to endear himself to the Latino population, Bloomberg began to speak in Spanish, translating his press conferences for a multilingual audience. The effort has since then been extended to his public service announcements. While his accento can leave something to be desired (see the video below for an idea), it caught the attention of New York resident Rachel Figueroa-Levin.

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In jest, Figueroa-Levin began the fake Twitter account, @ElBloombito, parodying the mayor. But over the course of some 24 hours and 64 tweets, Levin has accumulated nearly 10,000 followers. So what did El Bloombito have to say about the storm?

Before the storm:

Muchos trees esta falling downo. No stando under los trees. Que splat!

El hurricano esta mucho worse. No vamos en el street. No es cute! Remaindo where tu are locatedo!

During the storm:

Nueva Yorko will get through el hurricano por que nosotros el besto personas de la earthador.

No walko en el outsido! Mucho dangerouso! Muy agua en la calle. El rapido speed winds que knocko you over.

After the storm:

Ay Ay Ay todos things are mucho wet!

Los cans del trasho por favor to turn them back overo. Gracias.

Los offices del la cuidad will be opentado mañana. El commuto el mucho tough y mucho slow. Que crowding!

Though it’s really quite an admirable attempt on Levin’s (and Bloomberg’s) part, there is still nothing better than the real thing.


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