Most ‘Liked’ on Facebook Recently? Jesus, Not Bieber

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Justin Bieber was so a few months ago. Jesus? He’s eternal. And according to Facebook, he’s also well “liked.”

As reported by the New York Times, the most “Liked” page on Facebook for the past three months didn’t have to do with popular singers, crazed soccer fans or silly time-wasting games, but was Jesus Daily, a page created by Aaron Tabor, a doctor in North Carolina, as a hobby.

Now with about 8.5 million likes, interaction on Tabor’s creation surpasses all others on Facebook with 3.4 million folks liking, commenting or sharing thoughts on the page in one week (Bieber fans mustered under 700,000 similar interactions).

With so many people facing struggles in life, Tabor says he wants “Jesus Daily to be a central place where they find encouragement, no matter what battle they are fighting.”

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The Times says religious Facebook pages have taken off well beyond Jesus Daily, as religion-themed pages of multiple languages pepper the top-20 Facebook pages. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone, as more than 43 million Facebook users have become a “fan” of at least one religious page and 31% of all U.S. users have a religion listed in their profile.

Tabor originally started his page in 2009 after seeing Facebook’s success in promoting his diet book and online nutrition business. “I wanted to provide people with encouragement,” he told the Times. “And I thought I would give it a news spin by calling it daily.”

The page boasts Bible verses, quotes and photos of everything from animals to paintings of angels, all in an effort to support people in their faith.

And about those time-wasting games? Well, the religious masses have their own now too: the Journey of Moses.

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Tim Newcomb is a contributor for TIME. Find him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb. You can also continue the discussion on TIME’s Facebook page and on Twitter at @TIME.