Reading While Eating for September 27: Pop Culture Exposed

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Paul Hackett / Reuters

An inflatable pink pig flies above Battersea Power Station in London on September 26, 2011

Today’s lunch-links are full of guides and analysis of pop culture minutiae you thought you already knew plenty about. Now, you can know even more and impress your friends!

The Anti-social Travel Guide: Heading on a big trip? Thanks to this handy guide of rude hand gestures from around the world, you’ll know exactly how to irritate the locals — which we don’t exactly recommend. (Telegraph)

Rom-Com Riot: The super funny, super talented Mindy Kaling, (who plays Kelly on The Office) penned this hilarious piece on the girly cinema favorite. (New Yorker)

And Speaking of Lunch: Brad Pitt and on-screen eating go together like movies and popcorn. Don’t believe us? Check out this alphabetized menu of all of his big screen snacks. (New York Magazine)

Instagram Minus The Instant: Here’s a guide that shows you how to create vintage, old-timey looking photos without using an app. Warning: this could take you awhile. (Guardian)

See Ya, CD: Has Netflix killed the compact disc? (TIME)

(Space)Bird’s Eye View:

Ever wondered what it looks like to fly over the Earth’s surface from space? This time-lapsed video shows you. (Today’s Big Thing)