Crimes of Fashion: Town Makes Money Off Saggy-Pants Fines

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Dirk Anschutz / Getty Images

Making people pay for their distasteful¬† sartorial choices? That’s one way for a town to generate income. Albany, Ga., for one, has collected nearly $4,000 since it started fining people for wearing their pants too low.

The ordinance, enacted in November, prohibits people from wearing skirts or pants that hang 3 in. below the top of the hips and expose skin or underwear.

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First-time offenders have to pay $25. Subsequent violations will cost $200, or 40 hours of community service. A similar ban has been enacted in cities around the country, and other Georgia town are considering it as well.

Those who support the ban say low-hanging trousers are offensive, subjecting the public to the unseemly sight of underwear or w0rse. Others have criticized the legislation for targeting a harmless fashion trend.

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