‘Drive’ Inspired Man to Throw Hot Dog at Tiger Woods

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REUTERS/Mike Segar

The Ryan Gosling vehicle may be many things but references to hot dogs were certainly conspicious by their absence.

Brandon Kelly, a 31-year-old from Petaluma, Calif., is the guy who decided to try and throw a hot dog at the beleaguered Tiger Woods at last weekend’s Frys.com Open. The only thing that would have been more shocking was if Tiger had actually won the event.

But when a man attempts to throw food, rather than eat it, NewsFeed is compelled to wonder why. We could have debated the question all week long and not come anywhere near the apparent answer: Kelly did it because of the movie Drive.

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“I threw the hot dog toward Tiger Woods because I was inspired by the movie Drive,” Kelly told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. “As soon as the movie ended, I thought to myself, ‘‘I have to do something courageous and epic. I have to throw a hot dog on the green in front of Tiger.'”

The paper pressed Kelly for further details but he declined to elaborate (perhaps he was also inspired by Gosling barely speaking a word in the film) and actually said that he had hoped to remain anonymous which, when you consider his actions were against a man so famous he is known by his first name, was ever so slightly on the ambitious side.

But Kelly was good enough to explain that on the morning of the incident, he posted a picture on his Facebook account of “a hot dog in his hand in front of his vehicle’s steering wheel and speedometer,” got a Bloody Mary, and was intending “to watch Tiger Woods play 18 holes.” He didn’t mention any throwing of the hot dog though it’s being reported that, for his troubles (he was arrested on suspicion of disturbing the peace), Kelly’s in line for a fine and will have to undertake community service.

What also emerges from his brief interview is that he seems to be a fan of Tiger’s. “I honestly wish Tiger the best,” he said. “One day I hope he breaks Jack Nicklaus’ record,” which refers to Woods being four behind Nicklaus’ legendary haul of 18 Majors. If Tiger is able to forgive and forget, and his latest caddy doesn’t work out, it sounds like somebody just submitted the most surreal job application of all time. (via Deadspin)

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