Occupy Wall Street Inspires ‘I’m Getting Arrested’ Android App

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Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Got cuffed in Zuccotti Park? It’s never been easier to let your friends and family know that you’ve been arrested, thanks to a handy app called “I’m Getting Arrested” for Android.

The app was developed with the protestors in mind, reports CNET. (“Inspired by a real Occupy Wall Street incident. Free to the other 99%,” the app’s developer, Quadrant 2, writes on the Android Market’s site.) The app allows users to send messages in a flash to friends, family, and “your lawyer,” by creating a custom message beforehand with a set of contacts ready to go.  So during your arrest following a demonstration in Times Square, you can quickly tap the bull’s-eye on the app to notify everyone about your whereabouts.

This essentially functions as a mass text service, which both CNET and commenters on the app’s site explain. Trying to notify a big group about last-minute changes in plans?  “I’m Getting Arrested” would be a perfect app to use in this case, but how does that differ from any other mass text message? The app is great for messages that you might need to send regularly—whether you don’t want to type out directions to your home over and over again for friends, or you need tell your study group you’re going to be late…again.

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