What Recession? Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog Offers $75,000 Yurt

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Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus "Dream Folly" Fantasy Gift

Dear Santa: This year, NewsFeed would like a genie-style yurt, a Neiman Marcus-edition Hacker-Craft Speedboat, a fancy fountain and world peace. Oh, and a Ferrari FF would be nice, too.

Luckily for Santa, there is a one-stop shop for (almost) all of NewsFeed’s glorified gift demands: The 2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

Each year, alongside the clothes and jewelry that are more likely to be found under the tree, Neiman Marcus puts together a collection of fantasy gifts, which offer “once in a lifetime experiences [that] evoke beauty, culinary perfection and whimsy.”

Oh la la! Our indulgent sides are intrigued.

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This year’s book includes nine unique gifts, with costs ranging from $1 million for a customized “Dancing Fountain” by Wet to $5,000 for a Johnnie Walker private scotch tasting.

As with most highly exclusive things in life, each gift is limited in availability — and we’re not just talking about the 1% of Americans who can actually afford to purchase them. There are only 10 limited-edition speedboats (at a cost of $250,000 each) and Ferraris ($395,000 each) available. So if you’re ready to buy you better act fast — We’re looking at you, Santa.

But you don’t need to feel too bad for indulging in your fancy side. Eight of the nine fantasy gifts (the Ferrari is the exception) are also tied to charitable causes. Therefore, if you buy that genie-style yurt for $75,000, you can feel good that $5,000 of your money will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

After all, the holidays really are about giving back. That, and having an Assouline custom-built library.

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