What Are The Most-Searched Halloween Costumes?

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Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

Two guys dressed as Angry Birds battle it out at a Hollywood awards show.

Imagine the horror when you show up to your Halloween party dressed like everyone else. Google looked at the most popular searches to predict what the most popular costume will be.

And it’s proving to be a Halloween for the birds, as Angry Birds and Black Swan fly high in Google’s rankings. As we try to keep up with the zeitgeist in choosing a costume, it seems as though we very often turn to pop culture. The adorably violent birds exploded our phones this year, and now they’re blowing up our search boxes as we look to imitate the foul fowl. It’s a clever costume choice that proves trick-or-treaters want a cute but dangerous costume. (Or perhaps they’re just looking to blow up some pigs.)

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Second on the list also packs a punch. The next most-searched costume is Black Swan, reflecting the power behind Natalie Portman’s dark and harrowing transformation into the Swan Lake antagonist in Darren Aronofsky’s December 2010 film.

Avatar and Iron Man influenced our costume choices last year, and in 2011, many are seeking equally action-filled options. You’ll be seeing many Trons and Captain Americas on your doorstep next weekend. But action figures don’t always lend themselves to haute fashion, leading Playboy Bunny costumes (inspired by The Playboy Club, no doubt) and Nicki Minaj lookalikes to rank highly this Halloween, too.

And if you’re still looking for a costume, you’d better get Googling quickly for some inspiration before your top choice becomes the most popular. At least the fight that breaks out between the many Angry Birds at your Halloween party won’t be out of character.

The top 12 most-searched Halloween costumes, according to Google, are:

1.    Angry Birds

2.    Black Swan

3.    Playboy Bunny

4.    Nicki Minaj

5.    Smurfette

6.    Wilfred

7.    Monster High

8.    Tron

9.    Captain America

10.   Pan Am

11.   Charlie Sheen

12.   Rapunzel
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