Google Earth Uncovers Mysterious White Lines in Chinese Desert

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Courtesy of Google Maps

If crop circles are too 20th century for you, how about some large white lines—laid out in an odd grid-like pattern—strewn across the Chinese desert?

Thanks to Google Maps satellite imagery, online map enthusiasts have discovered a few odd-looking formations in China. And with the discovery of the white lines stretching over one mile long and 3,000 feet wide, you can be certain folks will continue searching for more interesting Chinese designs.

While nobody has figured out what substance was used to create the forms, speculation has surfaced that the grid pattern was used in some sort of military training. Located north of the Shule River, the remote area is perfect for military training. And Slash Gear reports that within the grid, if you look close enough, you can spot destroyed buildings, possibly structures used for some sort of target practice. Another photo shows aircraft within the pattern.

Of course, since these lines can be seen with satellite images, plenty of people have started more speculation about the Chinese using them for spy satellite calibrating, or other cloak-and-dagger type space training. There’s no official information on its purpose yet, but it’s at least a fitting location for a potential White Stripes reunion.

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