Meme Alert: The Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop

Apparently the cop who can pepper spray peaceful college students can pepper spray everything else as well.

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Nothing is sacred. Especially when it comes to Oakland pepper spray cop.

Video of police casually pepper spraying seated UC Davis protesters on Friday has sparked widespread outrage. But tragedy always comes back as farce – this time as an art meme ridiculing one corpulent cop’s remarkable nonchalance while spraying young Occupy Wall Street sympathizers like so many weeds.

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This ignominious figure is now popping up in art history’s masterpieces. Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” has got the pop art treatment – this time by replacing Adam with the lackadaisical officer, who directs his spray into the eyes of God. The same goes for Delacroix’s famous “Liberty Leading the People” and Seurat’s “La Grande Jatte,” or “Pepper Spray on a Sunday Afternoon.”

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The cops in question, meanwhile, have been placed on administrative leave pending a probe. Whatever the outcome, their immortality is ensured — in fine protest art.

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